How to Increase Your Sales with Product Shadow?

E-commerce is all about making your product look awesomely appealing and give a boost to the sales. Image a customer who is relying on a picture at least deserves to have a pleasant view of the product.


Reflection Shadows is a sure-shot stunt that can add a kink to the appeal of the product completely. However, it is a simple technique that is available gives a whole new look to the demeanor of the product. To create an impression with simple techniques, nothing can fall off from submerging reflection shadow.
What exactly does a shadow do? Well, it just makes the product look more realistic and viewable. Adding more to it, you can say that it looks like the product was positioned on a glass surface or reflective surface. All these practices are done to give the best shape to the product and make it more appealing to the buyers. Items like jewelry are highly recommended to be Photoshop with reflection effect.
Now the point is how is reflection shadow feature used? Well, to learn the process, you are requested to peek-a-boo below:

The process is to be begun with a layer of your product. Another layer with a white background is to be placed behind the product layer. The white layer that is behind the product is to be selected so that you can mask it. Then the edges of the layer are to be refined for the smoother look.
You can then create a copy of the product layer and place it vertically. It will result in creating a mirrored image of the product. This layer has to be positioned very carefully right below the product so that it can reflect like a perfect shadow.
Faded gradient mask can be used to further enhance the appeal of the product. This effect will make the reflection look fading off into the ground. Then you just have to add some blur effect so that a clear differentiate is made between the reflection layer and product layer.
To make your product look even realistic, it is suggested to add shadow right where the product is positioned. It can be enhanced by using featured selection curve.
Therefore, this is where you will end up in creating best product image.

What are the Pros of Reflection Effect?

Well, if you have done the process nicely and correctly, you will end up in creating a mesmerizing effect of your product. This will result in increased sales and it will also increase the value of the product. There are various other types of shadow that can be used. But the basic function is also considered as the best for suitable product images. Products like furniture, accessories, jewelry, etc. are quite enhanced by using this small trick. Always remember, the product image is the only thing that will bring sales to your website. That is why these images must not be taken for granted and every possible measure must be taken into account to make the images look attractive.



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